• Hmmmm… We’re Not Sure About Some Of These Designs

    Dan Plowman Team

    It’s important that you are happy in comfortable in your home. Sometimes that means making the most out of the space you are given, and sometimes you just want to push the envelope in terms of home decor and design. We are all for this, but some of these designs we are just not quite sure we’re on board with.

    The Bathsphere

    While bathrooms are not usually the most exciting room in a home, we understand the need to spruce them up a bit. I mean, we do have to spend time in there. This bathtub, while it looks amazing, we think might be a little much. Bathtubs historically have been affixed to floors, but a Russian designer by the name of Alexander Zhukovsky decided that this shouldn’t always be the case. This Bathsphere is suspended from the ceiling has setting controls such as lights, temperature, sounds and smells. Why? Because who doesn’t want to take a bath in a tub that looks like a bubble chair?



    How Often Do the Owners Fall Down These?

    Seriously though. We are all for unique stairways in homes and feel like they can really add character to a home. This might be a little much though. When we first saw this staircase we actually thought it was a book shelf extension to the built in desk. Can you image rushing up these bad boys to grab something you forgot in the morning? We can only hope there is a washroom on the upper floor as we can imagine getting up to use the washroom in the middle of the night would be interesting if you have to conquer these!



    This Ones for the Birds

    Literally, we think the birds are the only ones who will be getting any use out of this balcony. Juliet balconies are one thing, they look nice and provide a great way for a room to get fresh air. But this balcony, well, there just is not point to it. Someone messed up.

    balcony oops


    Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

    We’re not really sure you want the toilet paper in your bathroom to be out of sight. Even if this is your home and you know exactly where this inconvenient toilet paper roll is located, it seems like you’ll have to have long arms and be able to balance well in order to retrieve the bathroom tissue without getting up!

    toilet paper fail


    No, Just No.

    It’s 2017 and budgets are tight for people when they are renting or buying a home. But really, we don’t care how tight money is, you should never be using the facilities a foot away from where you cook and prepare your meals. We are all for multitasking, but this is taking it way too far.



    Safety… not first.

    We sincerely hope that this door is locked on the inside of the house… and bolted up. We hope there used to be a balcony or stairway here and it is not just a very bad design flaw.


    Stairway to Nowhere

    And then there’s this staircase. Just no rhyme or reason to where this staircase is headed.

    stairs to nowhere

    At the Dan Plowman Team Reality Inc,. we are all for trying out new modern designs in homes. But these are a little too far-fetched for our liking. We also always recommend to anyone who is redesigning/or redecorating their home is that they need to consider resale value. What you think is really cutting edge and cool, your potential home buyer might be turned off by your ideas. Make sure any improvements you do on your home is reversible or really does add value to your home!