• Should You Sell Your Durham Region Home in the Winter?

    Dan Plowman Team


    Spring and summer are busy months for most Durham Region families and usually selling your home is the least of your concern as you are enjoying the fun in the sun. Then the fall hits, then winter, and you start to think you’ve missed another year to sell your house because you really should wait until the spring to list your home. Right?

    Don’t count out a winter sale so quickly in your head. There are some very important advantages to selling in the winter that you may not be considering.

    Less Competition

    Selling your home in the winter usually, means there is less competition for you. Eager buyers are looking in the winter months and you might benefit from the fact that a lot of people do wait until the warmer months to list their home. With fewer homes on the market, you may not have to work as hard to get your home ready for sale. Durham region homes for sale are a hot market right now and have been for the last few years. It is very likely you will get your asking price and then some if you list now before the grass starts to turn green again.

    Loans are Processed Quicker

    Real estate agents are not as busy in the winter months and usually the same goes for the banks and lenders. This means that a potential buyer will usually be able to get approval quicker and go under contract. Winter sales tend to close much quicker than summer sales.

    There are More Motivated Buyers

    There may be fewer people in the Durham Region looking to purchase a home in the winter months but the ones who are looking are more motivated. It takes more effort to get out there, bundle up and go out to view houses. This could mean that you will sell your home faster, with less viewing and for the price you want.

    Snow Can Be Pretty

    Yes, you read that right. Snow can cover up unsightly yard work that has been neglected and add a beautiful shine to a dull yard. It is a great idea to ensure the exterior of the home is as appealing as possible whenever you are selling and that still stands true in the winter. You will be able to get away will a little bit more in the winter as your yard is most likely covered with a blanket of beautiful snow.

    Selling your home in the winter months is not for everyone, but it could be for you. It is highly recommended that you speak with a real estate agent that is experienced in your market about the best options for you. The Dan Plowman Realty Team Inc. has several of the most experienced agents in the Durham Region who are ready to speak to your options today! Give us a call at 905-668-1511 or visit our contact us page!

  • Home Owner’s Goals for 2017 in Durham Region

    Dan Plowman Team

    It’s that time of year when we all say goodbye to the year behind us and make new goals for the upcoming year. Most of these goals are personal or professional goals, but as a homeowner in the Durham Region, you should set some serious goals for your home and financial future.


    1. Start of the Year Clear-Out!

    Start 2017 with a clean slate but going through your home and removing items you no longer use or need. You would be surprised how much stuff we have in closets, drawers and hidden under beds that we haven’t laid eyes on in years. Odds are most of that stuff can be tossed or donated. Not only will cleaning out your home make your house look better, you will FEEL better. Messy cluttered homes are known to cause increased stress and anxiety levels in those living in those situations.

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    1. Safety First

    Start a new tradition in 2017 and go through your home checking for safety concerns. Even better, get the whole family involved in this process so they all know what to look for and when they should be concerned. Below is a few of the items you should be checking (for a full list click here).

    • Check for frayed wiring on all electrical devices.
    • Check for overloaded outlets including extensive use of extension cords.
    • Inspect your water heater to ensure it is set at no higher than 120 degrees to prevent burns.
    • Replace batteries in all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Discuss escape plans with your loved ones.


    Now that we have the physical house covered, let’s get into setting you up better financially in 2017.

    1. Increase your Mortgage Payments

    Come on; really think about your budget. Do you think you can make it through the month with $200 less for expenses? Just because your mortgage payments are set up for a certain amount, doesn’t mean you should coast on the amount for the duration of the plan. If you are able to, bump up the payments per month in order to be out of debt sooner. By shortening your mortgage duration you will likely spend less on interest.

    Make a goal to cut out trips to the coffee shop every morning, cancel that gym membership you’re not using. Put your budget in a place which will help you be financially set in years to come.

    1. Home Owners Insurance Review

    Most of us when we buy a new home set up homeowners insurance and just let it roll over from year-to-year without review the policy. You might now be getting the best deal or coverage anymore. So spend some time shopping around for better deals before mindlessly renewing with your current provider.

    There are so many ways you can improve your home or use your home to work for you financially in 2017 and these are just a few that top our list here at the Dan Plowman Realty Inc., Brokerage. From our office to your family we are wishing you the most prosperous, successful New Year!

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  • Santa’s Home Value Estimate

    Dan Plowman Team

    We were asked to put together a free home evaluation on Santa’s North Pole property. We don’t want the little ones in the room to be upset! The big man has assured us he is not selling the property and toy production is not coming to a halt. Santa is being responsible and just wants to know what his property is worth. We have received permission from Santa to put together this rare, sharable home value estimate for us all to see!




    This property is for winter lovers only as it is snow covered 365 days a year.  The property has over 40+ acres of land which historically have been used to raise and farm many holiday animals (such as a few famous reindeer that your little ones might know). On the property, there is the main cottage for residential use, along with several cabins that are home to many miniature elves. A factory-like building is at the corner of this large property which produces mass amounts of holiday toys (Sorry everyone, this part of the property is top secret, no pictures available).


    • Built: 1634
    • Most Recently Renovated: 2011
    • Lot Size: 40+ Acres
    • Main Cottage Size: 2,500 Square Feet


    Main Cottage

    The main cottage on this property is the home of Santa & Mrs. Claus. They renovated the whole cottage in 2011 and upgrade to stainless steel appliances in their fully functioning kitchen. It is a smaller home, but perfect in size for two older adults still working in the marketplace.

    • Bedrooms: 2
    • Bathrooms: 1
    • Main floor kitchen
    • Main floor living room

    Santa's Main Floor


    Worker’s Cottages (15 on the property)

    The worker’s cottage, better known as the elf quarters are laid out beautifully to accommodate 8 workers per cabin. The bathrooms in each workers cabin comes equipped with two showers and two bathroom stalls.

    • One large living space (including built in beds)
    • Bathrooms: 1
    • Sleeps: 8


    Reindeer Stable

    Inside the stable, there is room to house many reindeer comfortably. 8 regular sized pens are set up which can easily house 16 miniature sized reindeer which Santa & Mrs. Clause are currently using them for.



    After reviewing the property in its entirety, and comparing with the market standards, we at the Dan Plowman Realty Inc., Brokerage would recommend that Santa & Mrs. Clause list this property at the price of $798,900. Keep in mind this is fair market value for the property and not factoring in that some buyers would be willing to pay much more than this in order to say they own “Santa’s house”.

    We at the Dan Plowman Team Realty Inc., Brokerage are very excited to be able to share this glimpse into this famous compound with the public! We wish you all a wonderful 2016 holiday season!